T's Toffee

Thank you for visiting T's Toffee! My name is Theresa and I have been making my toffee for a few years now and have come up with the perfect blend for all you toffee lovers out there!

I have been sharing my homemade toffee with friends, family, and co-workers for many years now and everyone loved my toffee so much that they asked me if I would start selling my toffee online for easier payment and access. I have also done many crafts shows and had such great results that I am now offering my toffee to the rest of the USA. It makes a perfect gift or a special treat for holiday gatherings or just for that sweet tooth we all have.

T's Toffee is made with the highest quality products on the market to give you the best and most exotic experience your mouth has ever had!

A soft, crunchy, melt in your mouth, chocolate covered toffee blend you will be wanting more and more of!

Come join the many thousands of other toffee lovers and enjoy the best toffee you will ever taste!